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Hi I’m Mary Vawn and this is all about me! I live with my mom Stacey, my twin brother Miles, puppy Layla, and we share custody of my dog Georgia. When I was little about 2 ½-3 years old I started dressing myself, and let me say there were some VERY interesting outfits! My parents and family always said you are going to be a fashion designer well… they still say that. Now I’m leaning into the makeup industry I would love to do makeup for movies, TV shows, and plays. That leads me into the next thing about me.

   My whole family says I’m really creative. I love making DIY stuff a few months ago we had a wedding shower for my cousin and I made most of the decorations it was pretty cool. My mom also tends to look on Pinterest for different things my mom wants in her house and relies on me to make it. I’m also very creative when it comes to makeup. I love watching makeup videos on YouTube and Instagram. I also love doing makeup just for fun. Whenever certain friends of mine they always want me to do their makeup because they same I’m really good at it. This leads me into the next topic. I love to bake I think I’m pretty good at it because I’m really creative. Most of the time I make either Pinterest recipes or box mixes and add my own touch on it. I also like to make homemade things when I have the time. These are just a few things about me!

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  1. Clementine Odum says: Reply

    Good job with the About Me! You have lots of things in common with me and my friends… and… uh, my mom… Why did I say that? Well, I do know. It is trrrrue, I think they’d like to meet you, don’t worry, I’m not telling them every little thing I know about you and then they’re telling me they want to meet you. Or am I? Nope, no, definitely NOT! Just my thoughts.

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